In Nature’s Cradle

Nature is a proof that Allah is the greatest artist of all time.


This is a photo of ‘Mangla Dam’. Isn’t is marvelous? The design, the detailing, it is all too…what is that word…breathtaking! Yes, that’s it! It is quite breathtaking! Isn’t it?

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When I first saw it, I was stunned. Gazing at all of this in awe, taking it all in. It is a beautiful place, no doubt.

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The ‘Mangla Dam’ is said to be one of the largest earth-fill lake in the world. ‘Mangla Dam’ and the surrounding areas present a beautiful landscape to visitors. One should visit this place, at least once.

Boating facility is also available at the lake. We took the big boat, the one with the limit of 10 people. The ride was amazing. Though I wish, we could have gone faster. 😉 Faster is always better on rides like these. 🙂

If you get a chance, do visit this beautiful place, take photos and enjoy the beautiful landscape.