Helloo Buffaloes!!!

We all know that these blackish, grey big animals are quite important to us. They play a leading role in our national economy and all that stuff. If you are looking for a informational post, this isn’t it ;). Sorry! 

I am just going to share some snaps of buffaloes and some good memories I had with my family, while we were in Sahiwal.


We were walking among the buffaloes, when my niece, lets call her Famoo, saw something. Something she probably haven’t seen in the city. Come on, how often do you see buffaloes in a city except for in specific areas. And how often do we pass through such areas. Also they are mostly….maintained. I said mostly. 😉

So, yeah,

Famoo asked, “What’s that coming out of its mouth?”

And before I could think, it just came out.“It is not coming out of its mouth, it is coming out of its nose, sweetie.”

I know, I know, I disgusted that child. She made such an innocent, disgusted face. Ha! Sweet kid. ❤


Buffaloes are not that bad, you know. They are animals, they do not have towels or napkins to wipe themselves. They do not have manners, because they are animals. And quite useful to us too.

Though it might be rare but if any of you had any ‘lol moment‘ with buffaloes, do share. We can have some laughs around here.

Good day, people.